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Astro Optical Supplies has available to its customers a coating service for primary and secondary telescope mirrors.

Astro utilises its unique High Fidelity Alloy coating to give the sharpest, brightest images. This coating is designed and applied in a way that allows you to get the most out of your telescope.


Coating/Recoating Prices
Secondary Mirrors (major axis)    
Up to 66mm $55
67mm to 90mm $77
Primary Mirrors (diameter)  
Up to 115mm $99
116mm - 150mm $115
151mm - 200mm $165
201mm - 250mm $220
251mm - 318mm $295
All prices are in $AUD and include GST & removal of old coatings

Under normal circumstances the coatings will give excellent results for up to 10 years. Nearly all reflecting telescope sytems will require a recoat after this amount of time.

Q: How can I tell if my mirror requires a recoat?
A: Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether a mirror needs a recoat without another telescope mirror to compare it with. Try testing your telescope alongside another new or recently recoated telescope with the same eyepiece.
If you notice a yellowing of the image or loss of definition as compared to the other similar sized telescope then the mirror most likely needs to be cleaned and/or recoated.

A good indoor test that can be easily performed is to hold the mirror (be careful with large mirrors) up to a clear 60-100W light globe and look through it from behind. If you can see the filament of the globe through the coating then the mirror definitely needs a recoat.

Cleaning of mirrors should be done with extreme caution, otherwise removal of the coating can occur. If there is only a small amount of dust on the mirror then it is best left uncleaned. A little bit of dust will do less damage than a poorly executed clean. Remember, if in doubt just ask Astro.

Call or email Astro if you would like to book your blank or coated mirror in for a clean/recoat.

For mechanical and optical repairs, see our repairs page.

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