The very concept of an online doctor still appears like a brand new concept that is in the early phase.

The reality for many Australian patients however is quite different, seeing community members being cared for and serviced without having to step foot inside the practice itself.

With many overlapping features evident between the online and offline medical space, constituents are beginning to understand how these operators can provide genuine value.

This is where we will examine the key services and benefits of contacting your local online doctor.


Outside Regular Business Hours Care

The joy for patients who are able to get in contact with an online doctor is that they are not restricted by conventional business hours. For many men and women, they can struggle to find time off work or to schedule in a visitation given their career and family commitments. Whether it is taking onboard information early in the morning to booking appointments late in the afternoon or exchanging messages in the evening, breaking down these barriers is the embodiment of convenience for local citizens.


Fast & Immediate Information

While most patients who have to organise their appointment through the reception desk are forced to wait on diagnoses and referrals, the inclusion of an online doctor can help to fast track the exchange of information. Especially with the use of PDF files, Q&A pages and other points of data, participants are able to receive more details at their fingertips without jumping through traditional hurdles. There will of course be some constituents who are happy to play the waiting game and hear from the source directly, but others who want information on what they should be eating, drinking and doing – or what not to do in these instances – will be best served by using these medical platforms on a digital space.


Transfer of Certificates

For employers to pay their employees sick leave entitlements under contract, they will require an official and authenticated doctor’s certificate. These documents will detail key information including an expected recovery time and how the condition will impact on their role. By utilising the services of an online doctor, these certificates can be delivered and sent to the employer digitally. This is beneficial for keeping a trail of the item, removing the concern about a paper copy that could be compromised or misplaced. As soon as it is accessed, it can be forwarded to the business promptly.


Catering to All Digital Users

doctor while typing in his laptop

The good news for those local patients who want to be able to take advantage of an online doctor service is that they can utilise any digital device of their choosing. People have their own habits when using the web and consuming information. Older constituents will likely prefer the reliability of the desktop while others will preference a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone. These medical portals are equally accessible across any of these formats, offering a uniform approach that involves all demographics irrespective of their preference in this field.


Lower Patient Costs

Without having to pay for transportation, parking and making additional appointments in person, the use of an online doctor will save patients money. These cost saving measures happen to be positive steps for consumers at large, but they also save resources for practices who struggle with large waiting times and stretching their own availability to meet the needs of their people. Many of the same prices and fees included for medical care will still be evident, but there are opportunities to cut down on needless costs that can be bypassed when opting for a digital medical service instead.